Are you having problems with loss of power? Is the RCD or MCB’s tripping? You may even have problems with the main isolation switch tripping.


These are all common signs of problems associated with sewage treatment plants and pump stations. More so on sewage treatment plants.


The problems could be anything depending on how complex your sewage treatment plant or pump station is built to. Therefore, calling us out to look, we can go through the fault-finding process to establish the cause. Somethings could be found quickly and others not so.


So once the problem has been found, then we need to either fix or replace any parts. Now sometimes we cannot carry all the parts required and if we did, we would need a lorry and then costs increase dramatically, oh and then we may not be able to get close to your property.


We must also remember a few things here, why are they tripping? RCD’s trip because they are a safety feature to keep you safe from electric shock. MCB’s trip because they are taking overloads. This is where whatever electrical items are connected, are drawing more power than the circuit is designed to and to help prevent possible further damage of the equipment. But most of all will help prevent fire.


Don’t keep trying to switch the RCD or MCB back on, if they don’t stay on when switch back on then keep them off. 


We Service, Repair Pumps for crude sewage, rain/surface water

Pump stations that are not regularly maintained will only end in failure. Pump stations have a wide range of mechanical parts and these include but not limited to, floats, sensors, relays, PLCs, fuses, contactors, over loads and much more. Over time pumps will get older and start to pull more Amps. Over loads need to be adjusted to allow for the higher current draw, but too much and the over loads wont trip causing the pump to become damaged resulting in expensive repair bills or replacements.

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) cause damage to pump stations, they can clog up pumps, make floats become too heavy to function, cause sticking in non-return valves. Sanitary items, cloths, wipes or other items will block pumps and either cause failure and possibly damage to the pumps.

We service, repair all types of pump stations and makes, including but not limited to:

  • Flygt

  • TT

  • Campari

  • Ebara

  • Grundfos

  • KSB

  • Pedrollo

  • Lowara

  • Oliju

  • ABS

  • And many more


Sewage Treatment Plants need to be serviced, Services will take place depending on the type and size of the system.

The larger the system the more they need to be serviced and should be carried out in accordance with the manufactures recommendations. 

Failing to service sewage treatment plants can result in their failure and cause pollution or failing of soakaways/drainage fields. If your system fails you could be liable to be prosecuted, fined and or made to clean the receiving water course or any third party land/property you have polluted. They should be desludged on the manufactures intervals as in the manual.

We Service all types of Sewage treatment plants, including,

  • The Matrix, (known also as pureflo, Greenflo or falcon)

  • Bioplus,

  • Marsh systems,

  • Klargester – Biodisc, Biotech, N-tech, Clear water, Titan

  • WPL

  • Condor

  • Mantair

  • August

  • And many more

We offer onsite field test of effluent water being discharged to see how the system is working, this can be added to the service cost. It’s the only true way to see how your system is performing!

We also install Telemetry systems, which we know work exceptionally well to sewage treatment plant, pump stations and cesspools to give you a very quick warning for problems.

We can Taylor any package to suit your requirements and these can include dealing with tanker companies, and water testing.

Do you need a new sewage treatment plant or pump station Commissioned? Call us for prices.

Sewage treatment plants should always be commissioned to ensure they are working to the manufactures details. Commissioning is also important for some warranty on some systems. Manufactures can or will try to invalid these.

Pump stations are important too, the local sewage undertakers have rules to how much is being discharged and how frequently they are discharging. 



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