Surveys & Inspections are very important factors when looking at all types of drainage systems. Without these, you will only be guessing what is right.


Surveys for Properties that are not connected to the mains foul water (septic tank, cesspit, sewage treatment plant) should be carried out by a specialist company who know about these systems and also design such systems. 

Surveys are carried out for several reasons, for

  • Home Buyers - their first or second home maybe.

  • Reports & Investigations - Maybe you have just had some new drainage or new system installed, and you want to know it is right.

  • Reports & Investigations for Court Proceedings, or a Claim against a third party. or even just to make a claim from your insurance company.

  • Designs - For New builds, Extensions, Planning & More.


Surveys & Inspections may not always be cheap, but paying the little extra means there is more time spent looking at the system.

You can get quotes from other companies for free, but are you getting the right service, are they getting the right information. Either way you need to be sure of one thing, the job needs to be right first time.

You may think, well paying for surveys doesn’t always work, it will be provided they are reputable and have the strong knowledge in Off Mains Drainage, as you are paying them.

Some companies say they do know about Off Mains Drainage, but there is a lot of in depth information that must be sort.

We have been to Clients properties, where they haven’t been told of vital information, e.g.

  • The work is covered under Building Regulations. [Appendix H]

  • Do you need an Exemption or bespoke Permit from the Environment Agency.

  • Have you carried out a Percolation Test (if you are renewing/building a new soakaway.

  • The new drainage field must be designed to BS6297:2007 + A1 2008 (are they competent in designing a drainage field or drainage mound)

  • The current system is too small.


These are just few issues that could cost you far more money in the long term.

We offer full surveys, from the first site visit, to the design, filing the Building Notice, filing for either an Exemption or Bespoke permit to the Environment Agency and overseeing the installations.

We are here to help our Existing and New Customers, surveys can be a little cost or for major projects a higher cost. We base all our work on an hourly rate, this we have found is better, as the client in control, plus a lot can be achieved in one hour.

We will only insist on systems, materials and quality companies to supply goods and services, to make sure you get the quality of work required. It's worth taking note, that some sellers will try to cover problems up, some building surveyors will tell you there is a problem, but will request you carry out a drainage survey. Where septic tanks, treatment plants are in use, you need a specialist company as there are test we do other don't or know how to carry out!

Our drainage design service starts from £600 plus vat, this includes the initial site visit and survey. We then start the design process and this costs allows us up to 3 hours of design work and checking for information using the BSG and EA information sites. We will aim to give you a quote for the works from our installation team. 


Home buyers/Sellers Drainage Surveys 

Our charges are as follows and include full Drain CCTV and full report.

Home buyers/seller surveys start from £250.00 plus vat after the first 1.5 hours we then charge our hourly rates. (£70 per hour plus vat) 

Home buyer’s reports are based on our time only, if you need the tank to have a visual inspection then a tanker will be required, we would recommend using a local company or we can arrange this on your behalf. You will need to pay for them direct. If you do not wish for the tank to be inspected, then this will be noted on the report.

We always aim to give you a costing if repair works are needed.

Prices are per person, on normal sites, one person is sufficient. If we need a seconded person, we will abort the visit and arrange for another day. You will however be charged for our time, but we will keep this to a minimum.

Where estate agents are arranging for either one of their representatives or the vendor to attend site, if they fail to arrive on time and we are waiting around, we will charge the time at our hourly rates. You may also be charged if the tanker driver is waiting, for one we have arranged.

We have seen systems that are in a bad condition, had this not have been notified then the buyers would be paying out more money later. Home sellers don't always like these surveys, as problems (with those who know about off mains drainage) will be found.

This results in only a few outcomes, 1) the seller reduces the property price (this could be already reduced to clinch the sale) 2) the seller must pay to rectify the problems and make sure there is adequate foul drainage available 3) the seller loses in the sale and has to keep the property on the market. It is very rare where, we carry out a survey and our client still buys the property and takes a chance.

With all this in mind, we always urge Home sellers to have a survey carried out before putting their property on the market. any problems can be rectified beforehand and if not, the property price is reflected knowing this is a problem. The buyers are fully aware and buy with confidence.

Contact us Today, and Put Your Project in Safe Hands, We are specialists in Septic tanks, Sewage Treatment Plants, Pump Stations, Drainage Fields and Drainage Systems. We have over 50 years combined knowledge, which most companies who carry out such do not. 


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