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Options for your Project

As independent specialist installers, the MPC team provide you with the range of options that are suited for your particular requirements. Whether you are looking to deliver your project yourself or involve the MPC team from start to finish we are experienced in working to a wide range of scopes of work when it comes to off mains drains projects.

The MPC team aims to be straightforward and transparent when it comes to the project work we deliver - while not comprehensive for practicality reasons, you can find here an outline of the key considerations, types of equipment and main suppliers for everything from a packaged sewage treatment tank to the type of resurfacing work that you will have to consider when finishing off a project that has disrupted a lawn or roadway.

With a fully integrated nationwide servicing department, we can also give you a good perspective on the long term performance of the pumps and treatment systems that you are considering, for example looking at actual energy usage and long term maintenance costs.




Pumping Stations










Pumping Stations




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With workshops in Derbyshire, Herefordshire and Berkshire combined with a network of nationwide engineers, the MPC Services Installation team provides you with all the support required to ensure your project is delivered efficiently from start to finish.


MPC Services specialise exclusively in off mains drains products, installations and servicing work. With a good understanding of the latest regulations and the wide range of products available, you can have the confidence that your packaged sewage treatment system, septic tank or rainwater harvesting system is going to be well supported and perform well for the years to come.

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