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Off Mains Drainage, is all about those who cannot connect on the mains foul water network, or in some cases those who need to connect to mains foul water network via the extra support of a pumping station. Our services can be used by Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Home Owners or Homebuyers. 

Surveying of existing systems  

Septic Tanks and Package Treatment Plant Surveys are critical when buying your new home or any other type of property, people can hide problems that normal surveyors can't see. 

Drainage surveyors are around, but how much do they really know about the "Off Mains Drainage" sector? This is our area of expertise above the rest.

Homebuyers, don't just rely on your home survey to determine the state of your drains. problems often don't get seen and then you are possibly facing large financial bills to rectify them. 


By using us, we will investigate the problem, and then bring back to you a solution that's right. You ask three or four companies to come to site, and be given three or four different solutions, ideas and costs. Then where do you go, who do think is telling you or giving you the right solution? You can spend a lot of money installing or rectifying a system and this could be lost money if it fails. 

The design has to conform to many regulations, and be designed to serve its purpose throughout its life span.  


Design of new systems 

We can offer the solution to foul water disposal by designing and using supporting contractors to execute the installation of Septic Tanks, Sewage Treatment Plants, Cesspits and Pump Stations and Drainage Fields to disperse of the effluent water via the ground or to a water course. We offer our design service for new or existing properties that need a new private mains sewage treatment plant for small to large developments.


The way we work is to find the issues, give you the solution, the design, tell you which government bodies have to be informed and if required a cost of the works. You can then send these details out to tender and everyone will be pricing for the same project and no confusing quotes. They will still need to come to site just look and confirm everything. Once the designs have been completed, we will then come to you and go through the details so you are fully aware before you ask any other contractors to come and price for the works. 

We not only offer our services in foul water, but surface water drains, these are just as important as foul water. We work with Major Manufactures and Leading Engineers.

Soakaways/Drainage fields

Drainage fields need to be designed correctly, there is nothing worse than hearing clients telling me how they have been advised of how contractors have come to site and said "we can install about 20m or so of perforated pipe in pea-gravel or small stone, in one long line" or "we will put a soakaway along your trees and put a pump in your septic tank" or the other one is " we will dig a hole and fill it with rubble or install crates". 

These are ALL incorrect and not approved.(although some websites say they are and try to justify what they are saying, and say look at the building regulations that they have link on.... Please Look at the BS 6297:2007 + A1 2008. These websites and those selling these products don't mention this! The BS6297 is the way you design drainage fields. Also remember, you are installing a drainage field, not a soakaway. soakaways are for rain water and surface water, that's the difference!   


There are design factors that have to be considered regardless. Remember when it fails, you have to try and get the contractor back to rectify it, more digging, more mess and that's if your lucky to get them back!! We take the time to get it right and if these factors that are set out in the regulations are taken and used in the design, then your system stands a much higher chance of working longer.

As its always been said "you get what you pay for" and cheap can bring problems. Click here to read about how we work

Our Vision.

Our vision to become a company with a well know reputation. Our reputation needs to be one that people will talk about, and a company to come to for help.

We want new and existing client to come to us, knowing every penny they spend with us it worth it. Knowing there is a “back office” at the end of the phone to help with all enquiries or just to explain thing more.

Designs are paramount to ensuring systems work, and they will work to their best to give a longer life span.

Rome was never built in a day, and designs and investigations won’t be either.

You get what you pay for and no designs equals to possible failure or problems.


This also applies to companies who know very little about this sector. Bad information is passed on to customers, and when we come along and explain the right way, you realise why we are here and why we charge for what we do.

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